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Tank Gallery (All Languages) Please share your tank in general/building process etc.

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Old 07-06-2015, 04:24 PM
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W.vreeswijk W.vreeswijk 目前線上
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Dream Reef visiting royal exclusive.

Today we have visit royal exclusiv.

We welcomed with open arms and started in the coffee room of royal.
We were guided today by Torsten Hess.
We started the conversation about the philosophy and the beginning of royal exclusiv.
Mr. Klaus Jansen, a man started in the hobby and tormented by other products had the idea it could be better.
Then he began to improve pumps and skimmers for personal use.
Once there was very much whether he could do this for several he has begun royal exclusive.
We were told that Mr. Jansen an stairs where the company had stopped doing so in order to develop all the currently available on the market and achieve great products.

We started the tour in the room where all were customized and specially ordered products.
There we can see everything what has been finished.
Especially the Dreambox we where loved ourselves are of is really fantastic.
This sump completely designed to the customer's wishes.
It's not that this is going to produce exclusive royal way you want.
Exclusive Royal is a company that the welfare of our animals high on its agenda have.
Beyond that you see in all the quality.

Furthermore then we got a peek at the factory.
To our great surprise we were there to see that really every piece frother by royal exclusive get created.
There will be wonderful lathes and fear where the white plastic parts are made by.
What we liked very much that Mr. Jansen just get to work behind the fear and lathes.
The acrylic of the skimmers get really edited by royal exclusiv.
We got to see the store where the pipes were.
From a long tube than are actually cooked in the ovens squeezed the cones of the skimmers.

Later they were working on the dreamboxes we got to see that it does not order just get together but it really all like a puzzle piece fits together.
There were really only two men in the entire factory whose weldings could explain all dream boxes and skimmers.

We got a look above where the pumps were instock.
We were told that each pump or skimmer who ordered complete assemble after the order is placed.
So the skimmers and pumps are not finished completed.
We walked a little further and passed the test space inside.
In the test room were not only new things but also tested each pump who sold going to go through the test.
The pumps are all running 24 hours before becoming allowed to the customer.
Next door were several rooms which were filled with all types of skimmers who makes royal exclusiv.
It seemed to us very much but Torsten indicated that they demand just to could.

After having seen all over we went back to the room downstairs where all the products which were ready were.
There still much to be heard and got to see what else the beauties to come.

Patrick and I who were already loved royal exclusiv, these are even more and we had a fantastic morning.

Royal exclusiv thanks for the informative and amazing tour.

Here the clip with all the photos and videos we have made on this day.


Wesley Vreeswijk / Patrick Hoesel.

Team dream reef.
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