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Old 05-11-2019, 09:39 AM
jacky jacky 目前離線
Join Date: May 2018
Location: Asia
Posts: 1,729

Looks good,
2 times a week CoralSnow ,and SP believe that there is no problem every other day.

Zeo basic products do it first, this is also basic, with "it", you can have more development space (coral)

This is a paragraph from the basic message, I feel great, share it with you.

ZEOvit phases depend on the nutrient level & coral appearance. Nutrients are relatively high[with "pooled-reserves"] & corals are dull in coloration. Polyp-extension may or may not be present.

Consider phase 1 the initiatation of ZEOvit method. The basic 4 are used to reduce nutrients in a balanced manner. As nutrients & "reserves" are depleted, the corals become brighter, lighter in appearance & the quantities of the zeo's dosed becomes less.

Enter phase 2[~3-6mos], the corals continue to colorize more & nutrients are becoming more exhausted. During this phase, however, if dosing is stopped for more than a few days, nutrients again begin to rise, & corals become darker. This is due to "pooled-reserves" still remaining available.

Phase 3[5-10months] is characterized by stable nutrients & color appearance of the corals, ie. if the zeo's are not dosed for many days, the N03's/P04's do not increase & coral colors remain fast. In this phase, the stored nutrients are exhausted, as evidenced by the low quantites of Bak/Food7/Start used, with coral color intensive.

And usually the Zeo system, in the previous stage, I found that usually after the first replacement of ZeoVit material, this time is the beginning to really get a stable low nutrition and suitable space, I often recognize it as entering The next stage, however, can be observed by the appearance of the coral at this time, for example: the tissue becomes lighter, the good PE, the polyp grows, and the coral will tell you that it is comfortable and can't wait to grow up.

At this time, the coral grows and consumes more elements. For example, Kh, the demand for Ca increases, etc., which can also be observed through the consumption of elements.

At this time, you can fine-tune the appearance of the coral through proper nutrient supply.

Roughly - low malnutrition water quality coral growth + stable guidelines water quality parameters + proper nutrition / coloring elements added

This is just a little experience for me, maybe not like this. After all, everyone's definition is different from every tank.

Last edited by jacky; 05-11-2019 at 10:00 AM.
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Old 05-14-2019, 03:53 PM
Newtankguy Newtankguy 目前離線
ZEOhead in Training
Join Date: May 2019
Location: Texas
Posts: 16

lights arent fully on today, but im going to give an update anyways. corals look "so so" kind of a pale brown still. maybe some color coming back? not too sure. since i've started dosing sponge power and corals slow, my glass has been getting more brown algae than ever. not sure if thats normal, my guess is that is not suppose to happen. The only thing i can think of is that i am now skimming dry, not wet like i was doing before. im going to do a 20% water change today. and give you guys an update. my Walt Disney Acropora is looking better than it has ever looked, but my other corals are still brownish. here are some old picture of my old colors and tank, as you can see , my corals come from a high nutrient tank i had algae everywhere but my colors were always good. i would get phosphates and nitrates back down to 0 and i never saw difference in color, just less algae, anyway i know every tank is different, this is just a quick view of the same corals i have now, in my old tank.



Last edited by Newtankguy; 05-14-2019 at 04:05 PM. Reason: just update
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