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Hi Colin,

Thank you for your comments. In answer to your question yes you are correct, they are incompatible. The maroon clown is very territorial (and a **** to boot). I try to catch him regularly so I can place him into the frag tank so he can live on his own. The maroon clown seems to be a 'bitter old man' that simply hates everyone/thing for no good reason. I simply made a terribly uneducated decision at the time and discovered this the hard way (as with most things . I hope this helps

Hi G,

I did miss Start3! oops Thanks! . I am currently dosing 2x daily 2.4ml after shaking the reactor vigorously (also, a correction to my net volume, it is currently 360G)

NO2, NO3, NH4 are undetectable with ELOS test kits.

PO4 is 28 (Oct 7th reading. I have run out of test solution. the LFS should have it by next week. I believe this may be high due to my RO water filters (now recently changed) and shifting a lot of the tank and upsetting it when extending the sump volume. However, my corals were dark before this, but Ca and Kh levels have been an issue for me, even knowing slow/less is more methodology

You are correct about the ca reactor, it is a Schuran Jet Stream 1. I currently have it set for 100 bubbles per minute, with and out flow of 1.1ml constant flow rate. I have the pH probe calibrated and configured to turn off the reactor at pH of 6.30. I have tested the output water directly and the dKh shift was roughly 7.9 (1.3 higher than the tank water at the time). I tried the recommended 40ml/min output at my Kh dropped to 4.63 over two weeks while I was on a business travel.

The media is the Schuran brand, with added KZ Magnesium granulate (which is very stable.. the only stable parameter in my tank! lol)

Hope this helps, thanks for the questions and help
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