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While struggling to keep my water parameters stable, my frag tank shows significant color difference than the front main display lit with a Vertex Illumina LED at full blast (100% white, blue and royal blue).

I purchased a ATI 10x80watt T5 setup which I am hoping will help increase coloration.

I am using the following configuration:

1 KZ New Generation
2 KZ Super Blue
3 KZ New Generation
4 KZ Super Blue
5 KZ Fiji Purple
6 KZ New Generation
7 KZ Fiji Purple
8 KZ New Generation
9 KZ Super Blue
0 KZ New Generation

Frag Tank Images (lit by a Tek T5 8x39 watt, similar bulb setup)

Corals in the front tank lit with the illumina LED

New Light

I will upload some pictures of the coloration changes as they happen. I've placed the light roughly 20" above the surface of the water, and will lower it slowly as the corals adjust.

Any recommendations on how high this light should hang with a 22" deep tank?

my net water volume is now 320G with the sump change, My current dosing regimen is:

3L of zeovit stones shaken 2x daily
12 drops bak 3x per week
30 drops sponge power 2x per week
20 drops coral vitalizer 2x per week
14 ml Phols Xtra

20ml coral snow 4x per week (twice mixed with 6 drops KZ Amino acid)
12ml CB mixed with 12ml FWS

K+, KH, Mg added when needed, tested weekly (still fine tuning the calcium reactor after a media refresh.)

Any recommended changes? My alkalinity is hard to maintain, any ideas?
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