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Hi Alexander.

Today is my 15th day of the Zeovit System

Here you can find the water parameters (measured today):

Kh = 7.5 / 8.00

Po4 = 0.04 ppm

NO3 < 1 (between 0 and 1 on Nyos Nitrate Test scale)

Ca = 400/410 mg

Mg = 1400 mg

k+= ~ 375

Salinity 35x1000

Water is crystal clear and I'm able to see a sensible Cyano regression

Weekly water changes are now 27 Liters as suggested

Zeovit Reactor still works 3h On/3h Off

What I have to change now ?

1) Zeobak two or three times/week (better 2 or 3 times ?)

2) Zeovit Reactor always on ?

3) Can I help one of my softy (the Sarco in the attached picture) with a KZ product ?

Another question is related to the Zeostart via dosometric pump.

I read the great Christine article so that I decided to buy a dosometric pump. Two possibilities:

1) One doso-pump able to dose 1 ml as minimum (it require Zeostart dilution)

2) One doso-pump able to dose 0.1 ml as minimum

The Zeostart amount you suggested to me is 0.28 in the morning and 0.28 in the evening for a total of 0.56 ml

Using the 1 ml min. pump with 1 : 17 dilution, I will have 1 ml solution with around 0.056 ml of Zeostart (rounded due a periodic result).

In this way I will have to dose 5 ml of solution to feed 0.28 ml of Zeostart two times / day or I can divide the daily solution amount of 10 ml in 3 dose, for example 4ml + 3 ml + 3ml corrisponing to 0.224 ml + 0.168 ml + 0.168 ml of Zeostart.
Hope I'm not in wrong with calculation.

The 0.1 ml min. pump will give to me the possibility to avoid dilution but I can provide, even if divided in more dose, a total of 0.50 ml or 0.60 ml of Zeostart and not 0.58 ml as suggested.

What do you think about it ?

My last question just in case I will go with dilution:

How long the solution can be held in the pump container ? This will help me to define the solution amount to be prepared according to my dosing ratio.

I hope my reply wasn't too long and boring


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