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Hello pupp3, starting with reducing nutrients, zeolite quantity & flow, Zeo bac dose, start3 dose early/late, SP dose. 10 weeks Have you changed the first zeolite? At this time PO4 0.1ppm (high), the addition of AA should be reduced or suspended, and when the coral tissue becomes lighter, the malnourished environment is more suitable for nutritional supplementation. The Sr element is usually replenished after WC unless you test the Sr value. You can post the tank& coral picture so that everyone can understand more

Tank10 weeks PO4=0.10ppm should be fairly normal, slow down, too fast coral pressure TN, slightly check if some Ro/di quality is good. The Kz Guide also states that when animal corals are present, KZ activated carbon should also be placed in the spill and used passively several times a day

Usually at this time the tank should have some algae, you can put in some functional organisms to help the algae to subside and help the tank have a small ecological environment.

If the water volume is 500L, it is recommended that you Zeo start3 100L=0.1ml morning/night, so it is start3=0.5ml morning/night, please note that it is“ daily“,And adjust the skimmer to wet and remove the reacted product.
Start3=Key of PO4

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