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Originally Posted by G.Alexander View Post
Thank you, I would give the following dosing regimen a try:

Bak 4 drops2 x weekly
Start3 0.4ml/2 x daily
SP 4 drops/ day

Xtra 2 ml/2 x weekly
Coral booster 2ml/2 x weekly
AAHC 1 drop/2 x weekly
B-B 4ml/1 x weekly
PIF 2 drops/ week.
CV 4 drops/2 x weekly.

Coral snow 4ml 2 x weekly
Zeozym once a week

I am really not sure what it is but from the pictures I it looks more like any kind of algae. Does herbivore eat it ?

thanks so much.

I would like to know,for example, if split CV into 2drops 4 times a week, will that make any difference?

Currently I only have hermit crab and tang in my tank.both of them don't eat that.
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