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Hi all!
So, my tank is now about 6 month old now and my former algae problems did not return. After two dozes of Vibrant, and the resolution of the algae issue, I stopped dosing Vibrant and continued with the dosing recommendations. Those are as follows:
12 drops ZeoBak 2 times per week
12 drops Sponge Power every other day
1.2 ml twice per day
12 ml Coral Snow every other day
We were gone on vacation for 9 days. I had a non reefer taking care of the house and we rehearsed what she needed to do every day and I left detailed instructions and a check list plus daily pics and texts. Even though she appeared to follow the instructions perfectly, there were still some noticeable differences in some of the corals when we returned, however those issues reversed themselves in a couple of weeks. Possibly she didn't measure dosages as carefully? Who knows, still I cannot complain as she did a very good job and all as been going well.

I have been increasing the bioload slowly and have added 4 new fish. I large yellow tang and 3 dotty backs, Pseudochromis fridmani, Pseudochromis springeri, and Pseudochromis aldabraensis, bringing the total to 9 fish in a 300 gallon, so still a light load. All are doing well. Some initial aggression between the yellow and purple tang but that has been settled and while not buddies, they are quite tolerant of each other even sharing a sheet of Nori.
Coral coloring seems to be good. some have darkened some but have reached a plateau. My blue Oregon Tort is as bright rich blue as ever. While i do have some growth on some corals, I would not say it is rapid.

My NO3 and PO4 have climbed slightly over the past month and stabilized at 3 ppm and .04 ppm respectively. What i have noticed recently is that by night fall there is peppering of diatoms on the gravel in a few areas around the tank. By morning they are mostly gone but return during the day. It appears that it is spreading slowly. My current tank readings are:
Temp: 76
Salinity: 1.024
NO3: 3 ppm
PO4: .04 ppm
Mg: 1360
Ca: 430
Ka: 8.1

Feeding is moderate, once per day.
Skimmer is skimming fairly wet.

Do I need to adjust any dosages to account for my new diatom issue?
A thought: I am at the bottom of 500 ml bottle of ZEOStart and it has some crystallization. Is it possible that bottle is trash? Should I open a new bottle and toss that one?

Observation: since I started dosing the Sponge Power, the sides of the overflows are covered with dozens of white sponges (maybe tunicates). I'm assuming these are good.
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