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So, I have just really gotten started on the suggestions but things are already looking better. KH is now 7.6 and Mg has dropped to 1460. After the Coral snow (first time was this past Monday with tonight being the next dose) the water is crystal clear. I added 3 new coral frags Saturday and they seem very happy, colors are bright and PE is good. The algae has stopped advancing and the crabs, snails and urchins are making headway now and bare coraline covered rock is gradually being exposed again.

I have noticed that a lot of people at just a month or two have tanks full of coral. I was afraid of doing this before making sure my tank could support them. So, should I have more in this tank at this point? Is that part of getting this system up and going to get enough coral in it initially to get the biotope in place? The tank is barely populated and I have a box of corals available to me today, arriving tomorrow if i say go.
This shipment, each box consists of 21 colonies Acropora & 1 Ultra Montipora

Description and type of coral Qty/box Size
Rainbow Millepora 1 1 6–9cm
Rainbow Tenuis 1 1 6–9cm
Rainbow Latistella with Blue Tips 1 1 6–9cm
Red Tenuis with Yellow Tips 1 1 6–9cm
Rainbow Natalensis — Reef Raft Rainbow Looms 1 1 6–9cm
Rainbow Plana Morph 1 1 6–9cm
2 Color Deepwater Latistella — Red with Yellow Tips 1 1 6–9cm
2 Color Turaki — Purple & Green 1 1 6–9cm
2 Color Millepora BWI — Yellow & Green 1 1 6–9cm
2 Color Millepora BWI — Red 1 1 6–9cm
2 Color Millepora — Red 1 1 6–9cm
2 Color Tenuis — Blue & Green 1 1 6–9cm
Enchinata — Blue 1 1 6–9cm
Austera — Yellow 1 1 6–9cm
Hoeksemai — Blue with Yellow Tips 1 1 6–9cm
Selago Morph 1 1 6–9cm
Plana BWI — Violet 1 1 6–9cm
Selago — Red with Yellow Tips 1 1 6–9cm
Hyacintus — Red & Green 1 1 6–9cm
2 Color Florida BWI 1 1 6–9cm
Latistella — Bali Short Cake 1 1 6–9cm
Montipora Undata — Red with Blue Polyps 1 1 6–9cm
contents: 22 colonies

Is this wise or should I pass? I only feed once per day. Nitrate and Phosphate will not budge off of zero. Would these starve? From what I am reading it is necessary to have some nitrate and phosphate to support them as long as the values are low and phosphate does not exceed nitrate. Am I understanding this correctly? Advice?
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