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Thank you!
Those are one gallon containers used by the Genesis Renew automatic water changer. They have a very unique way to accomplish this. The container on the left will hold one gallon of fresh saltwater, the container on the right holds one gallon of old tank water. First off this thing is super easy to operate. You simply key in the number of gallons each week that you want to change from 1 to 99. It will calculate how frequently it must change one gallon of water in order to accomplish this for the week. Then you push start to do the first gallon. It will pump water from the blue storage container into the one gallon container. Now, it has an overflow back to the blue storage so that no matter how long the pump runs (actually 1 minute) then the amount over one gallon flows back. so that when it stops, it always holds one gallon. The same thing happens with the sump water that is pumped into the other container. When the system determines that everything went normal, then the sump water is dumped down the drain and the fresh saltwater is dumped into the sump. There is also a setting for continuous if you want to do a continuous water change like 20 gallons at once, one gallon after another until the 20 gallons is reached or a daily change for how many gallons you want to change per day. I like the weekly setting. Works with the storm, their water top off like a charm. They talk to each other so that the water top off know when to stop since its a water change and not evaporation.
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