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As you have used dry rock the cycle will take much more time to get a stabile biology however things are looking good. Lets continue with your dosing plan until the 14 days have finished than dose as follows:

ZeoBac – 6 drops 3 x weekly
SpongePower – 6 drops every other day
ZeoStart – 0.6 ml 2 x daily

If the first 4 weeks have passed replace 50% of the ZeoVit material. After the exchange dose ZeoBac daily for 10 days.

Next exchange will be in additional 4 weeks, than replace 90% of the material. Further exchanges can be lengthen to 6 – 8 weeks. Make sure to dose ZeoBac daily for 10 days after each exchange.

Because of the fish it might be good to wait another 2 weeks and if things are looking good than you might try the small yellow tang first. Lets see how he is doing before adding additional fish which should be done very slow as the biology is still building up.

Because of the algae I would recommend to add a couple of snails already.

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