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Originally Posted by G.Alexander View Post
I have not used this product Wesley so I can not really help you much. Just can tell you that a quick decrease of PO4 can cause TN starting at the tips of the corals. I do not remember exactly but have you not had a elevated level of Ba in your old system also ?


Hi G.Alexander.

I have restarted the system and do a triton test in week 4.
Test was great barium level was 12. A little bit but ok.
The only thing what i use is what you find above.
Change water with natural seawater/reefers best salt.

The only product i have use a lot is the coralsnow plus with zeozym for the cyano.
The only thing i can find is that barium come out of cheap po4 remover.
I dont use po4 removers etc.
So the only thing i can find is the coral snow plus. (It also remove po4 so maby?)
Otherwise i dont know what it can be.
I feed the fish only with frozen mysis what i rinse out.

If i look at my tank the first problems started with high barium levels.

Greetings wesley
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