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Originally Posted by Mr.happy View Post
hi and tank u
usualy zeovit systems are clean and algealess and low nutrient tanks.... but when something starts to grow in in zeovit u have to control it becaus u add many additives daily and they start to use other living thing in the tank...

dino X will stop dinoflaglate if u clean as much as u can befor the dosage....
cyano clean is a killer i love this one...
and bouth are reef safe and i used them in zeovit many times....
Thankt for the reply, how about the cyano rx i saw in your pic.
Do you use it with zeovit?
Have you used chemi clean?
Any change you do during treatments like carbon removal and/or changing the zeo dosing?
Anything you do after treatment?
How many times you needed to do treatments so far?

I have been on zeovit for almost 3 years now and did not see a real benefit of cyano clean when cyano start to show up, so am trying to learn from you how to control cyano

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