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Originally Posted by ohashimz View Post
thank you for the kind reply, all such information's are so helpful to the community.
am surprised with your success with cyano clean, I have been on Zeo for 2 years now, every now and then I get cyano and I was never successful treating it with cyano clean, never. this is also report across the community, once cyano on the sand, no zeo product have shown robust results across enough systems.
I ended up doing like you where I use chemi clean to treat the cyano and buy myself couple of months before it shows up again.
the only difference is that when I use the chmi clean, I remove my zeo reactor with the rocks form the system to avoid killing all the bacteria, then after treatment is done and water change I put back carbon and the zeo reactor and do mini cycle (10 days ZB) to jump start the system.
this is because most of the cyano treatments will have some antibiotics even though it will be claimed on the package that they do not
its interesting that you do not need to do anything when you use cyano Rx.
would you mind sharing with us your parameters (NO3/PO4/K+/CA/Alk/Mag) and dosing scheme?
also would you mind showing us whats under the hood of your incredible system.
congrats again for the beautiful setup and success you have.
This night :
Mg : 1400 high
Ca : 420
Kh : 7 low
No3 : 5 via salifert (i aded 24 fish in one day in the tank ... ) its going down
Po4 : 8 (via hanna phosphorus low rang HI 736 ) i thing it is 0.03
Salinity : 26 via vertex refrectometer
K : 390

For 7 mounth i didnt use zeo start3 and zeo bac
no3 was and po4 was 0 all the time
And corals dont like them to be 0....

After adding these fishes im starting to use zeostart3 again...

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