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Originally Posted by ohashimz View Post
beautiful setup congrats, truly incredible.
kind question: am seeing dino x and cyano medication. do you use these products? if you have used them how often? and how did you use them in zeo system? am always interested in ways to treat cyano which appear every now and then in zeo systems in general.

many thanks

hi and tank u
usualy zeovit systems are clean and algealess and low nutrient tanks.... but when something starts to grow in in zeovit u have to control it becaus u add many additives daily and they start to use other living thing in the tank...

dino X will stop dinoflaglate if u clean as much as u can befor the dosage....
cyano clean is a killer i love this one...
and bouth are reef safe and i used them in zeovit many times....
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