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Originally Posted by ohashimz View Post
Cs have multiple uses depend on the purpose.
I does the following
During normal system condition I dose ot 2 times a week. One time mixed with zb during one of the zb doses and one time mixed with bm during BM doses.

If I am dealing with brown algae ot cyano I use it daily for a week or so mixed with cc or with zb

You can also use it by itself which will do similar effect which is clearing water more as it binds elements in the water ( opposit to zz which breaks down elements) and contribute to reducing po4 no3 but small contirbution,, higher contribution will be toward making the water crystal clear.

Cs and zs is not mixed together, while you can use them separately but do not mix them together.

Cs can be mixed with bm,zb and cc as a facilitator and to amplify the effect of these supplements.

Hope that helps

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zs is zeospur ??
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