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Dear Alexander / Blackizz /Jacky,

Thank you all for your prompt replies..

I am using a zeovit reactor already since the start of Fauna marin system 1 year ago. It contains around 500 ML of Fauna marin zeolight stones. The flow rate through the reactor is approx 200-220 liters per hour and its on 24x7. I change the media approx 7 -8 weeks..

Regarding the UV , i am aware its not recommended in the Zeovit system but i started using it as a last resort to fight my bad dino outbreak and the results were just amazing.. Since then i have reduced the running period slowly from 24 hours to 10 hours.. This I feel keeps my water crystal clear and I havent had any outbreaks for Dino / Cyano or any other nasties for past 7-8 months or so. Also as far as I understand majority of zeo bacteria are colonizing on the zeovit rocks and the live rocks and UV will only kill the free flowing bacteria in the water column so it shouldnt conflict with much with the zeovit system ??s

RODI is good with period change of filters and resin and 0 TDS water.

I am unable to do weekly water changes and do a 15% WC every weeks or so..
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