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So I took everything out of the outdoor setup once i got my new tank and basicly threw everything in, patience I know, all new sand, aragacrete structures (cured) no live rock and everything went fine for 2 weeks everything was good. I was'nt loosing color on anything. Then I decided to add a couple schools of fish. 9 anthias and 15 chromis. I know I was pressing my luck. Well after a little while I started noticing everything was looking a little unhappy. I was starting to see some browning and stn. I have'nt tested for nitrate ammonia in years.... So I had major nitrite problems. I did about 10 gallon water changes every day for 2 weeks. LOL I could not get the nitrite to go down. AT ALL. So I decided to start over. I went up to encino to pick up some of my old live rock from a previous system. I stacked up the live rock on top of one of the structures I made and did a 99% water change with nsw. Everything is good now the nitrite has finally come down and the po4 is at 0.07. Stoked!.

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