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Originally Posted by G.Alexander View Post
Lets try to cut down for B-Balance and dose additional:

2 ml Coral Booster
2 drops AAHC
2 ml XTra Special

Every other day for one week.

This should usually darken the corals a little bit and improve coloration and growth.

Keep the rest of the dosage as it is.

after dosing this for a week, there is no big difference. I think one of the green acropora is a little bit dark (very slight). Overall, the coral of my tank are still dark (i think this was caused by low lighting, and i have gradually increasing that). Parameters are stable at this moment.

My current dosing plan is :
Bak 4 drops*3 /week
Start 0.8ml/day
Sponge power 4 drops/day
B-B 4ml*3/week
AAHC 2drops*3/week
Xtra special 2ml*3/week
coral-booster 2ml*3/week
CV 4 drops *3/ week
Coral snow 4ml*2/week

Since most of my corals are still dark, can I add spur2 into my week dosing plan?

Also, should I add Xtra and PIF as well.

thanks for your help.
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