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Default My tank spec

Hi g,update for you could do with your expertise[emoji106]
Alk 7.4-7.5
Ca 442
Mg 1300
K 420
No3 2
Po4 0
I lost the milliporo then stn on acros although it looks like it stopped now.its my fault I think I thought 20lt water changes would keep alk etc in check but not the case it dipped 6.5 now doseing redsea alk calcium,its pretty stable only swinging around 1 to .5 a day as I dose manually,algae on sand cleared up for a while but came back after dosing cv for 10days,weekly water changes of 20ltr and vacuum sand,but in general I feel the tank is doing a lot better maybe it's a case of maturity?
I have lots of zeo products now aa etc could you please recomend dosage to help me make this tank a success,recommend dosing for coral support then maybe for colouration and growth.also polyp extension is very poor.no3 is 2 so my tank is still not ulns,after 4months I will persist!il post pics of corals and tank set up so you get a better idea,new frags on sand ow nearly forgot flow in zeo reactor 1ltr in 30sec[emoji106]
Thanks [emoji120]

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