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cflow 02-13-2018 04:14 PM

Nutrients too low. Dosing KNO3
My nutrients have been too low for too long. Some corals starved to death dispite my efforts in dosing AA, coral foods, feeding very heavily, and even increasing my bioload to the point where I'm uncomfortable keeping more fish in my tank. NO3 less than 0.5 and PO4 0 for over two months. I slowly backed off off of bacteria and carbon dosing letting my LR, siporax, and sand bed do the job. Also slowly removed zeolites. I only have carbon in sump. After losing a few frags and realizing my nutrients weren't going to rise any time soon I decided to dose KNO3 to keep my corals alive. Within a few days I noticed my colors improved and my alkalinity / Calcium consumption increased. My question is will this become problematic if I still dose bacteria? Also does anyone know if xtra special contains PO4? I want to boost PO4 a little if I can.

Bugger 02-13-2018 07:14 PM

Seachem makes a products for that. Also note that start3 is full of nitrate
what did you use to raise the nitrate

cflow 02-13-2018 08:25 PM

I used a food grade potassium nitrate. I've read that one can use tree stump remover, but I couldn't find it locally so I decided to just go with the food grade.

G.Alexander 02-14-2018 03:02 AM

Instead of adding nutrients with chemicals I would recommend to adjust the skimmer to skim dry for some time for example. Another idea is reducing the siporax you use additional step by step slowy.


cflow 02-14-2018 11:16 AM

I tried skimming on/off for in 3 hour intervals. This helped a little. I ended up exchanging the skimmer for one barely rated for my volume. It's also purely venturi driven so I don't have a skimmer wheel. Nutrients stayed low. It's hard to imagine siporax is such powerful stuff. I literally removed everything else except carbon. I'm a little nervous of removing the siporax because when I added it in the first place and it eventually started working my nutrients quickly dropped. I don't want a reverse. Isn't adding chemicals what we do in this hobby? Most of the additives don't even list what is even in the bottles. At least I know exactly what I'm adding.

G.Alexander 02-15-2018 03:14 AM

I would not see it to problematic if you reduce the siporax in smaller steps over a couple of weeks. Because of the chemicals I was referring to nutrients. I have seen many issues with rising nutrients in the past doing it this way. Just to keep in mind, do it very slow.


cflow 02-15-2018 02:08 PM

Got it. It's interesting that with this tank less is more. I've never had this problem before.

Michal 02-17-2018 05:48 AM

You can remove Siporax. Rock is much better and I bet that your Siporax is
already clogged.

As for nutrients if you want to raise them with chemicals you can use freshwater planted-tank additives for NO3 and PO4.
It's cheap and gives you more control as you will know exactly how much to add (it's explained on the labels).

cflow 02-17-2018 09:57 PM

This tank is just a frag tank with a couple of frag racks. I do have a few pieces of LR, but I've decided to just turn the tank into a nano display tank. I'm cycling some dry rock and I'm slowly going to introduce it into the tank then slowly remove some siporax. Hopefully I will find a good balance eventually.

cflow 02-21-2018 05:09 PM

I stopped dosing KNO3, removed just a few siporax rings, and added 3 very small chromis. My tank also had an algae growing on the frags racks that decided to scrub off so it couldn't use up any of the free PO4 in the tank. I tested again yesterday, NO3 5, PO4 0.06. This is a little higher than I'm comfortable with, but my PE was noticeably increased. No detrimental effects yet.

G.Alexander 02-22-2018 03:51 AM

Thank you for the update, you might dose BioMate additional to balance the PO4 again.


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