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Coigula 10-07-2018 01:39 PM

Contents of ZeoStart3
I understand this may be a taboo question but is ZeoStart3 anything more than Glacial (water free) Acetic Acid?

Dosage is about about same as 3-5% diluted solution of food grade acetic acid and many redilute it to that concentration for automatic dosing.

Thanks for shedding any light on this question in advance.

bubblemytip 10-07-2018 01:41 PM

It contains other things. Test it for nitrate, for example.

Coigula 10-07-2018 01:47 PM

There was a time when nobody used unknown additives containing other things. Sorry if harsh but I am bit puzzled.

Many of the other additives overlap in contents from what I can tell.

G.Alexander 10-08-2018 03:59 AM

I do also not know the ingredients but I can tell you the product does contain a couple of different carbon sources which fit to the bacteria / microorganisms dosed with ZeoBac.


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