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icemany 10-27-2019 06:30 AM

New Zeovit user (almost 2months)
1. Total water volume of the entire system (including sewage tanks, etc.) - US gallons / imperial gallons / liters 200Liters including sump
2. Water purification (including water tanks, etc.) - US gallons / imperial gallons / liters RODI
3. Are you using a CaCO2 reactor or other technology? just auto-dosing Ca, KH, Mg
4. Are you using a PO4 reactor (how long, how long, etc.) used to use phosban (after changing to zeovit not anymore)
5. Are you using ozone? no
6. Are you using ultraviolet light? no
7. Which type of skimmer you are using (type, rated water volume) Reef Octopus 150int
8. What is your actual PO4 and NO3 content? 0, 0
9. What is your actual calcium, aluminum and magnesium content? 422, 8.2, 1360
10. Which filtering method do you use (refuge, DSB, miracle mud, etc.) mosty marine pure blocks and sphears
11. Type of light (wattage, color temperature, age, etc.) Radion G4 pro
12. What coral do you raise? lps on sand sps on rock
13. Organize the color (light or dark) light
14. How long does the tank run? about 10months
15. Why use the ZEOvit system? get rid of algae w/o sps losing color
16. Any supplemental dose (type, quantity, cause, etc.) Ca, KH, Mg auto-dosing
17. Live rock (how much, how old, etc.) dont know how to explain
18. Any problems currently in existence. listing below
19. Description of the problem (organizational loss tips, tissue loss basis, algae bloom, algae, etc.) usually hair algae
20. What test suite do you use (how long, recent switch, etc.)
21. Current dose, quantity and interval (ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart, ZEOspur2, etc.)

zeovit half a L in filter media cup in sump (shake for 10secs 2times daily) no reactor
zeobak 1 drop/2-3days
zeostart 0.4ml/day
zeofood not anymore

k-balance 0.8ml/day
coral snow 1.6ml/day
amino acid 1drop/2days
sponge power 2drops/2days
coral vitalizer 2drops/2days
coral booster 0.8ml/2days
color system 1,2,3,4 each 8ml/week
bio-mate 1drop/3days
acro glow 2drop/day
stylo-pocci glow 4drop/day
cyano clean 1drop/3days

stoped using a-balance, xtra since turning to color system 1,2,3,4

22. Other water parameters and water stability (salinity, temperature, etc.)
temp25C, sal1.025, 8.4pH, no nitrtae or phosphate - all stable for at least 4months
23. Which salt brand do you use? reef crystal

I have constant 0 levels of nitrate and phosphate(4months) but as some corals seem to lose their inner base colors (not polyp) I started using zeovit 2months ago.
The problems is I'm having a hard time keeping the coral colors up.
some corals seem to be gaining a bit of their colors again but not significantly.
And some sps seem to even lose their inner colors.
Every two weeks or so I get a little worried and give just a slight of reef roids.
which seem to only make algae bloom a max and does not seem to affect the corals at all. No changes in NO3,PO4.

i've turned to zeovit for better colors but the base colors just seem to be fading more and the small amount of algae on sand and rocks never go away.
Am I in too much a hurry or do I still need time? Or maybe I might be doing something wrong. Please help :icon_eek:

jacky 10-27-2019 09:35 AM

Hello icemany, a little thought

1. What level of potassium?
2. The hourly flow of the ZeoVit reactor, which also seems to be related to the health of the coral. Since you are not using the reactor, don't know if it is too powerful.
3. Does tank change water every week? Changing water every week stimulates coral growth in a balanced way and seems to have positive help for coral health colors
4. “ Stylo Pocci Glow” Reduces the number of SPS insect yellow algae, maybe temporarily stop adding is good
5. Understand what brand of activated carbon is good

Color systems 1, 2, 3, 4 every 8 ml / week. I don't have experience with this product yet, maybe there are too many elements?(usually too many elements coral tissue should become dark)
If the coral shows growth, it makes more sense to add these elements.

If it is me, the first thing I have to try is to confirm K+~380 mg.

The water quality parameters should be kept as stable as possible.
Recommended parameters =
Kh 6.5~7.5
Ca 400~420
Mg 1250~1300

icemany 10-27-2019 09:57 AM

Thanks for the response, Jacky

1. My K levels are 380-400 (just checked again)

2. It's not in a high flow space though I'm trying to find a right reactor to be safe.

3. I do 10% water changes every week

4. Thankyou for the recommendation I will stop Stylo Glow and check the differences.

5. I use KZ carbon but just took it out temporarily to see if there are changes in parameters. A few friends recommended I take it out.

6. Parameters are normal though auto dosing of KH increased a little more than I wanted. Am trying to get it down to 7.5ish.

jacky 10-27-2019 10:14 AM

Thank you
Then it is good to know the flow rate per hour of the reactor. Can you provide more pictures about the appearance of corals?

[zeovit half a L in filter media cup in sump (shake for 10secs 2times daily) no reactor ]
I don't know the number of ZeoVit (media cup), and understand that the reactor flow is good.

It is recommended to use a reactor that is better, and the flow of the reactor seems to be important to the health of the coral and to maintain a constant and appropriate output.

Just want to make this "factor" really do, then we can rule out this reason.

icemany 10-27-2019 10:25 AM

3 Attachment(s)
This algae seems to never go away.

This is my Bird's nest with and w/o light. As you can see It is almost "ghostly" like under the naked eye

The greenish part of my bubblegum is losing its color as well

jacky 10-27-2019 10:43 AM

Thank you. Part of the coral I don't have enough good experience. What is the water purification capacity of the tank?

What kind of test package does PO4 use?

icemany 10-27-2019 07:19 PM

RODI TDS always stays at 0.
I have a good skimmer (Reef Octopus 150int) and as many filtration blocks as possible in the sump. I change the filter socks 3-4 times weekly.

I usually use Hanna instruments for PO4 testing.
I use Ultra Low and normal to be safe.
sometimes Ultra Low reads 0.01-0.02 but usually 0 most of time

jacky 10-27-2019 07:32 PM

Thank you, then rule out the problem of "raw water". The picture on the left looks like a bacterial membrane. What is the tank water purification?

icemany 10-27-2019 08:20 PM

If water purification means sump volume, it's about 70 Liters.

jacky 10-27-2019 08:52 PM

Sorry, I mean Net water volume

icemany 10-27-2019 09:12 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I have 900 x 500 x 500 (180l) tank with a
sump 600 x 400 x 400 (70l) without including any rock and sand, etc.
I usually dose to a standard of 200l

jacky 10-27-2019 10:10 PM

Net water volume = 200L

let us try to change the dose.
Zeo Bac 2 drops, 2 times a week
Zeo Start 0.4ml changed to 0.3ml, next week 0.3ml changed to 0.2ml
Zeo SpongePower 2 drops every other day
As for other treatment products, I can't give you a good suggestion.

Due to some green traces, it is recommended that you reduce your nutritional products by 1/2.

ZeoVit materials recommend the use of a reactor, which makes it more "mature" through the reactor, and some unbalanced developments seem to be prone to some undesirable signs (deposited matter).

if you are willing to get some functional animal help, for example, snails

Toothbrush is a good helper, Zeo activated carbon is recommended, skimmer adjusts wet

G.Alexander 10-28-2019 04:24 AM

The pictures are not very good so I have some additional questions:

1. Do the corals are growing ?
2. Do you use a adequate lighting spectrum as some pictures are really blue ?
3. Which kind of carbon and how much do you use ?
4. How often are you doing water changes and how much do you change ?


icemany 10-28-2019 07:11 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Thank you, jacky for the detailed response.
I will do as you recommend.
And I am looking for a reactor but there arenít many here in Korea.

answers to G.Alexander
1. The corals have been showing growth just seems to lose inner colors. Bacteria membrane wonít go away.
2. I use the "coral lab" settings on the radion schedule with a max of 60%
3. I use activated carbon from KZ. But took it out yesterday. Many suspect this was the problem. Too low NO3 for too long.
4. I do 10% water changes every week.

The tank doesn't look too bad from afar but the loss in skeletal colors is what got me worried.

jacky 10-28-2019 09:13 AM

So what brand of sea salt mixture is used?

What is the brand of ZeoVit material?

Can you post some good pictures about sump?

I always use my mobile phone to read, I can't understand the appearance of the coral more clearly, can you trouble me to release some good pictures of coral again, thank you

Does coral grow? Are they consumed by Kh Ca elements? Is the coral polyp wrapped? Is PE extended?

This is the recommended use of ZeoVit and Zeo Activated Carbon.

The amount of zeolite used is 400 liters per liter
Use 1 liter of zeolite (ie 1 pack) and rinse the zeolite with reverse osmosis water before use
Several times, the zeolite barrel flow rate is about 300 liters ~ 400 liters per hour to 1 liter boiling
Stone, not more than 400 liters per hour to 1 liter of zeolite

The amount of Zeo activated carbon is 0.5 to 1 liter per 1000 liters of water. Usually use bags, put in sump, passive flight, change every 30 days

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