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Old 03-03-2018, 06:19 PM
ohashimz ohashimz 目前離線
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Originally Posted by 65GMe View Post
I used dino-x before. It is available in the USA, I believe brs sells it along with a couple other vendors. It worked well but now I have clams and a starfish which they state is not safe for them. It also came back after a couple months. I haven't checked but it's starting to get a bit stringy, not snotty like yet and no bubbles so I'm hoping it's just diatoms from me stirring the sand bed.
Sorry i meant to say phyco ex not dino x. I did not hear good things about dino x.
Dinos are protozons, if you erradicated them they should not come back unless if you get them to you system again through an infected water sample or coral...etc

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