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Tank Gallery (All Languages) Please share your tank in general/building process etc.

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Old 01-28-2017, 11:14 AM
Berlibee Berlibee ثeu
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Arrow Alexey's Shallow Reef

Hello !

Full system info:

Stand: DIY.
Light: ATI 24" SunPower + Kessil 160we Tuna Blue.
Tank: Crystal Dynamic Aquarium 30x30x12
Sump: 20g with OceanboxDesignsReef-Reactive Sump Kit.
Skimmer: Vertex Omega 130.
Reactor: Vertex RX-Z 1.5 ZEOlite.
Controller: Apex.
Doser: Kore 5th.
Main Pump:x2 MP10WES Vortech.
ATO: Kore 5th.
Return pump: Syncra Silent 2.0.
Overflow:Synergy Reef Overflow 16".
Heater: x2Cobalt Neo-Therm 150W.
Sand: BB.
RO/DI: MaxCap 2:1 Manual Flush 90-GPD RO/DI System.

Lighting Schedule 16 hours a day:

2 Hours only Kessil on max blue settings.
2 Hours Kessil + x2 ATI True Actinics.
8 Hours All ON.
2 Hours Kessil + x2 ATI True Actinics.
2 Hours only Kessil on max blue settings.

at 12" over the water level.

Setup ( Zeovit System ) :

Zeovit dosing schedule:

Dosing on Sun. is after the water change.
Dosing all other days is at 22:00, skimmer OFF from 22:00 to 00:00.
Shaking stones also on the same time with dosing.

List of the dosing products:

1. Coral Snow.
2. Zeo Start.
3. Pohl's Xtra Special.
4. ZeoBac.
5. Sponge Power.
6. Coral Vitalizer.
7. PIF Concentrate.
8. Coral Booster.
9. Amino Acid Concentrate.
10. B-Balance.

2 Parts: ESV B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System.

0.5 liters ZeoVit with a flow of ~ 50 US gallons per hour through the reactor and 100gr. of activated carbon passively flown.

Stones are changed every 5 weeks followed with 10 days of ZeoBac after each change. Soaking stones before the change for 4 days in RODI water, changing the water daily.
Carbon is changed monthly.

Micro Scrubbing Bubbles:

1. Coralife 05146 SL-65 Super Luft Air Pump.
2. Lee's 2-Inch Wooden Air Diffuser placed under the return pump.

Every hour rotating for 1 min. or 2 min. and ON from 00:00 to 06:00.


Skimming dry. Air line is connected to the outdoor air through the wall.

Water params:

Ca. 420
Alk. 7.5
Mg. 1200
K. 400
PO4. 0.03
NO3. 0 - 1

Water changes 10% weekly.
Salt: Tropic Marine PRO-REEF Sea Salt.
Live rocks from: Tampa Bay Saltwater.

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