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Old Today, 08:31 AM
jacky jacky ¥Ø«e½u¤W
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Under normal circumstances, the system completes the ammonia cycle until NO2 is detected, you do not know whether you have completed this stage, and then you can read the kz guide, after properly about bak5ml=100 liters, start3 10ml=100 liters, and sponge power 3ml=100 Litre, keep lighting in the second and third days, shake the zeolite bucket twice a day, bak 1~2 drops = 100 liters on the fourth day, startl 1 ml = 500 liters, and 1 drop = 100 liters to keep it until the tenth day. For some brown algae (brown moss) and some healthy green algae, some functional biological aids can be added, and the amount of activated carbon added is about 0.5~1 litre=1000 liters, change for 30 days, and change the zeolite after another month. After changing the zeolite, add bak separately for every 10 days and change the water periodically for 4 to 6 weeks. This is probably the case in memory. The following is the kz phase. Consider the start of the first stage ZEOvit method. Basic 4 is used to reduce nutrients in a balanced manner. With the consumption of nutrients and “reserves”, corals become brighter and lighter, and the dose of zeo becomes less, entering the second stage [~3-6 mos], corals continue to color more, and nutrients become more More tired. However, at this stage, if the withdrawal time exceeds a few days, nutrition begins to develop again. Phase 3 [5-10 months] is characterized by a stable appearance of the nutritional components and color of the coral. If zeo is not given in multiple doses, the N03's / P04 will not increase and the coral color will remain fast. At this stage, the stored nutrients are depleted, as shown by the low quantum foods used by Bak / Food7 / Start. I will not use it for the current period of coral snow. "Patience is a virtue." This old saying is true to the ZEOvit system and depends on the initial conditions of your tank. It takes a period of time (months) to achieve a stable, low-nutrient system. Keywords, especially when referring to nutrients. The fluctuating nutrients in the system can only cause problems and often cause you to take intense action at some point - for example by adding PO4 absorbents. ZEOvit is a system or method that can maintain low and balanced nutrients for almost all coral tanks in a stable manner... "If" you follow this method and make recommendations. If you choose to change or change any of the components that make up the ZEOvit system, you are expected to encounter some problems
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