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Old 02-13-2018, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by G.Alexander View Post
I usually recommend to switch from gfo to zeovit slowly which means reducing the gfo quantity step by step over a couple of weeks when starting with zeovit. This works well from my experience and does prevent a nutrient spike as the zeovit needs time until it starts to work effective. It is a bacterial driven system which first need to build up a working stability. The kalkwasser you have used in the past does also play a role:


Lets continue dosing as follows:

ZeoBac 8 drops every other day
ZeoStart 0.8 nml 2 x daily
K-Balance as much to keep the level @ ~ 380 mg
BioMate 16 drops every other day for a while (optional because of the PO4)
Stop dosing the other products you use until nutrients are coming down.

Run 2 liters ZeoVit with a constant water flow of 200 US gallons per hour.

Adjust you skimmer to skim wet and clean it daily to export as much as possible.

While doing the regular water changes vacuum your sand to remove the mulm from the deeper sand layers.

At the moment there is not much more you can do, it might take some time until you notice a decrease of nutrients.


On another note, I've been having issues with my chaeto dying off/rotting in my sump. I've done complete replacement twice before and doing so brings great growth of the chaeto for a couple months and then is goes down hill with GHA actually growing on the chaeto until it seems to outgrow and suffocate the chaeto. I've switched to zeovit partially to decrease or eliminate my need for the chaeto. Is this a reasonable plan of action or do I still need the chaeto?
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