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Alright, my Zeo reactor finally arrived. The reactor will be driven off of my return pump. My plan is to re-use the return pump plumbing that is driving my media reactor for this Zeo reactor. I am currently running GFO in this reactor and I'm still reducing my GFO weekly over the course of 6-8 weeks as suggested . Here are my options today:

1) Use the output tube from my GFO reactor as the input to drive my Zeo reactor. When I've reduced my GFO to almost zero, the media reactor will be removed completely (I just completed week 1 of starting my ZEOvit system)

2) Remove the GFO and media reactor completely and drive the Zeo reactor directly off of the return pump. I could keep move the GFO to a separate a mesh bag if that would help.

3) Keep my Zeo stones in a mesh bag until I've reduce my GFO to almost zero and am able to remove the media reactor, prior to adding the Zeo reactor. This will be about 4-5 weeks from today.

Which option would you recommend that I proceed with? Thanks!
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